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You excellent entrepreneurial spirit: high-quality products sent to you

Excellent your vision: the national counterparts in the lead, technology leadership, leading products, talent leadership

You excellent business purposes:
To customers: quality first, credit-based
Shareholders: highly responsible, long-term return
On staff: learning and training, self-achievement
Of society: self-financing, to resolve employment
You excellent business philosophy:

Innovation is the new integration of old resources, innovation is the soul of your career development, advancing with the times is the key to continuous innovation, our knowledge, ideas and methods must walk in the forefront of the community, proactive, courage open up.
Honesty sharing: 100 Tak-first, Pepsi-letter-based, good faith is the core of your culture, 先做, after work, the company asked all employees in good faith to treat colleagues, customers, honest and trustworthy.
The pursuit of excellence: to create a learning-oriented enterprises, dealers, consumers, employees on the basis of common development of enterprises to achieve sustainable development.
Service-oriented: the establishment of customer-centric service concept, and continuously improve their business customers, the community, as well as internal departments and departments, between the service awareness.
Excellent your talent concept:
1. No quality of talent, there is no business quality, there will be no product quality.
2. With the cause of keeping people with feelings to keep people to treat people.
3. Respect the human character, pay attention to people's wisdom, recognize the value of people, cherish the feelings of people, safeguard human dignity, improve people's quality.